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About Us

Richard Thumma, owner of Stream Works, Inc. is based in Lincoln, Montana.  His construction company has more than 25 years experience in stream restoration, fish habitat improvement, wetlands enhancement, road construction, reclamation, bridge building and irrigation systems.  Richard is an experienced excavator operator and has become a leader in this specialized field of stream restoration.  .
Richard specializes in: Surveying, Planning and Design, Stream and River Restoration, Riparian and Fish habitat improvement,  Ponds and Wetland Enhancement, Road Construction, Mine Reclamation, Bridge Construction, Irrigation Systems.

Russell "McGyver" Snyder has worked for mine reclamation companies such as Envirocon, ERI and Hydrometrics.  He has the ability to run virtually any piece of equipment.  For the past 10 years Russ has completed irrigation, wetland, stream and riparian restoration, road improvement and construction projects for Stream Works, Inc.

Stream Works, Inc.   P.O. Box 878  Lincoln, Montana  59639  Office: 406-362-4727
Stream Works, Inc. has a full staff of qualified equipment operators  with over 50 years of combined experience specializing in stream restoration and aquatic enhancement practices.