Stream and River Restoration
Stream Works, Inc. has completed more than 100 restoration, riparian and fish habitat improvement projects, including full stream restoration, alternative stream bank stabilization, fish ladders, and vortex rock weirs.  We understand the importance of the information gathered on hydrology, biologic and ecologic functions, channel geometry, channel bed form, and surrounding land uses.  Correct application of the competent project design will result in a successful restoration project. 

Fish and Aquatic Enhancement
Following strict attention to design detail allows Stream Works to implement effective fish and aquatic habitat improvements that take into consideration the complex nature of aquatic conditions.  The proper placement of pool and riffle sequences coupled with riparian
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vegetation, woody debris and overhead cover enhances spawning and rearing habitats within the restoration reach.  A precisely enhanced stream will exibit a balanced range of hydraulic, geomorphic and biological parameters resulting in habitat diversity and stream stability.

Wetland Enhancement
From and drained wetland, to an old oxbow in the landscape, we know what to look for to enhance the great aquatic biodiversity that thrives in a sustaining wetland.

Structural Practices
Stream Works, Inc. has a varied background in bridge design and construction, road design and construction, irrigation structures and off-stream water facilities.

Stream Works, Inc. owner Richard Thumma has been involved as an operator and also as a project forman on several mine reclamation and exploration phase reclamation projects.